JTCC Champion player hosts successful Game On! fundraiser


JTCC’s Pasquale Procaccino hosted a Game On! fundraiser on Friday, May 24

Tenacious.  Philanthropic.  Altruistic.

These characteristics rarely define a teenager.  But Pasquale Procaccino of the Junior Tennis Champions Center is not your typical 13-year-old.

In a sport that by its nature engenders selfishness, Pasquale decided instead to lend a helping hand.  Last Friday, May 24, he organized a fundraiser at the Royal Restaurant in Alexandria, Virginia to benefit JTCC’s Game On community outreach program.  The restaurant generously donated 10% of each check to the cause.

“I invited my entire school,” said Pasquale.  “Then I followed up with a phone call to each student.”

The burgeoning marketer also placed calls to local newspapers and met with JTCC CEO Ray Benton to discuss a plan of attack.

“All proceeds will benefit after-school academic and tennis instruction at CAPCS [Community Academy Public Charter School], one of 11 Game On! sites,” said Pasquale.  “The response has been overwhelming.  Before the event, I received over $500 in checks.”

Pasquale is a member of the Champions program, an invite-only high performance training regimen.  As a requirement, each Champion player has to visit a Game On! site eight times per year.  At the site, they serve as mentors and leaders for at-risk youth.

“Last summer, I visited CAPCS and was taken aback by the state of their tennis courts,” said Pasquale.  “The courts were unplayable.  Weeds were growing out of control.  There was trash everywhere.  I wanted to take action.”

Pasquale’s efforts fetched nearly $1,500 in donations.  On the heels of a successful fundraiser, he remains steadfast in his commitment to re-surface the CAPCS courts.

“I am already planning the next event and I know I will reach my goal.”


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