How 10 and Under Tennis Could Fit You

USTA Middle States Blog

Contributed by Seth Pamperin, Middle States’ Junior Development Coordinator

10 and UIn recent years, thousands of kids have used 10 and Under Tennis to learn, and get hooked, on tennis. The red, orange and green balls make learning and playing the game fun and easy, and help get kids rallying and enjoying the sport quickly.

But it turns out these balls aren’t just for 10 and Under players. In fact, they could be for you.

We all agree that we could use some more topspin on our shots, and practicing with red balls can help produce that. Playing with red balls will help players stay low through a shot, producing more topspin and improving consistency. Rumor has it that American superstar Sloane Stephens even uses the red balls and 36′ court in her weekly training regimen.

Orange balls, meanwhile, will help players of all ages with timing, and slow down the game…

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