Game On!

Game On! is an after school tennis and education program operated by JTCC and run year-round in Washington, DC.  Since 2009, the program has re-energized the inner city tennis scene that is teeming with unsupported and unearthed talent.

At each site, JTCC senior coaches and players provide tennis instruction and serve as mentors for at-risk youth.

To date, JTCC has introduced the sport to over 1,000 youngsters.  After each nine week session, participants receive a racket if they exhibited a positive attitude and attended at least 90% of the clinics.

As a complementary piece to on-court instruction, JTCC utilizes an academic component called ACE (Academic Creative Engagement).  ACE is a nationally accredited out-of-school program designed to support and foster academic achievement, health, wellness and social skills.  The curriculum envelopes the ideals set forth by Arthur Ashe by giving children access to educational opportunities in a safe and healthy environment   The lessons incorporate tennis themes as a means to encourage active engagement by the students.  For example, youth are exposed to geometry by measuring the angles on a tennis court.

To inquire about implementing JTCC’s community outreach program at your school or recreation center:


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